DSi/DS Lite Screen Shield and Cleaning Cloth

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CTA DIGITAL DS-CSS Screen Shield and Cleaning Cloth for DS Lite. Protect and maintain the appearance of your Nintendo DS Lite with this Screen Shield and Cleaning Cloth Pack. This package includes a clear, thin protective sheet, which will defend against scratches and scuffs that may occur on the DS Lite touch screen. Wipe the excessive fingerprints and smudges off your DS Lite and your screen shield with this delicate yet effective cleaning cloth. With these essential items, your DS Lite will not only look clean but will also be preserved for the long run.


  • Screen Shield and Cleaning Cloth
  • Clear, Thin Protective Sheet
  • Wipe the Excessive Fingerprints and Smudges off Your DS Lite and Your Screen Shield w/Cleaning Cloth
  • Protects Against Scratches and Scuffs that May Occur on the DS Lite Touch Screen
  • For Nintendo DS Lite


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